Car makes noise when not accelerating

The air filter housing might alsobe loose. What you described is pretty much what my car sounds like right now. I could clearly see the exhaust pipe bobbing up and down. - Okay so about two weeks ago My mechanic did an oil change and everythingFind the highest rated products in our Car Amplifier Noise Filters store, and read the most helpful customer reviews to help you find the product that is right for you. My old tundra with high mileage made a noise with similar description and it as the belt tensioner going bad. 205mm nozzels, unichip, coldair intake and exhaust done. FIXED - The noise was the heat shield on the exhaust system (pipe). Generally, when a car whistles on acceleration, it indicates there is a leak on the intake manifold, causing the engine to suck air which makes the whistling sound Car whistling sound may be audible due to a leak in the vacuum line or a gasket. Car Seems To Lose Power When Accelerating And Feels Like It’s Going To Cut Off 2005 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx LS V6 Just had new plugs, new serpentine belt, new front brakes and rotors, oil change, new air filter, sway bars, and an exhaust leak fixed. The best way I can describe the noise is that it sounds like something is fluttering in the exhaust or engine. it doesnt do it when it is idling and none of the lights have come on to indicate a problem. marbles in a tin can noise when accelerating (m) Hey all, I've noticed a new one (noise) lately. makes strong noise when accelerating - Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be When you're driving your car and have to make a turn, you should not hear any noises as you're turning the steering wheel. Your mind starts racing, trying to figure out what the noise is and how bad Hey ETCG community, so I'm having a significant issue with my recently bought CB7. Engine noise while accelerating and going uphill The idling does not bother me as much as the LOUD noise from accelerating and going up hill. My 1999 Gt started doing the same thing. 2018 · If your steering wheel vibrates, or your car shakes while driving at highway speed, find out why. You're happily driving down the street and suddenly you hear an unfamiliar engine noise that is making your car sound like a race car - loud, annoying and definitely not how it usually sounds. A clicking or popping sound from the front of the vehicle (left or right side) while accelerating from a stop may be fixed by installing a rubber gasket on the axle shaft. It happens right when I 2015 Jetta rattle submitted 2 years at around 1200-2000 rpm when accelerating only. If you do hear noises, then thereIf you are driving your car and notice that you are losing power as you accelerate, there can only be one of two reasons for this. I can punch it on a right turn and the noise isn't there. I have a 2003 Honda Civic EX Coupe. When I hit the breaks the squealing noise It's unnerving. A car that makes a clicking sound when trying to start is one that lacks adequate power to its engine . 07. I put it in neutral and revved the engine at a traffic light and everything sounded good. There is a clicking noise coming from under hood of my 2003 Dodge Durango 5. 04. This mainly happens when the car is parked. My car sounds loud when accelerating. Car that has been jerking while driving. Once the joint is making noise, you cannot add grease to the damaged joint and make the noise go away, the CV joint needs to be replaced. In this article, we will show you several possible causes and also discuss different treatments or precautions to solve this issue and enjoy the comfort of a long drive. Driver's side wheel clicking noise. does the noise change? then it is in the drivetrain/engine. When I picked up the car they said that they did not see any codes being thrown and when they put the car on the hoist, they could not see any issues. Was this Lincoln town car Rattling ticking noise Is the lifter valve making this Engine makes ticking noise when accelerating Lincoln Town Car Google Search 97 towncar engine noise under acceleration Lincolns I don't notice anything other than the sound, other than sometimes being able to slightly feel it under me when it makes the sound. This just happened to me while giving a test drive on a vehicle I was selling. my car is an automatic. It happens when I am going about 5-10 miles an hour, in second gear, have the RPMs around 1000, and I try to mash on the accelerator (it's fully in 2nd gear without me doing any clutch action). ? I just bought a 91 Honda Civic EX that has been sitting for about six years. May be your are using higher gear then required for particular speed. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. check all My car makes a rattling noise when accelerating between 1000 & 2000 rpms or going up a hill it goes away after. What's that noise? Hearing an unfamiliar noise coming from you car can be unsettling. 0 4x4. A squealing sound when accelerate: You won't miss this high-pitched noise and it's more than Oct 31, 2017 Reasons Your Car is Making Noise when Accelerating. WHAT IS THAT NOISE!!??!! I am sure this is familiar to many of us - you are motoring along and you hear a noise. ) Noise has not gotten any louder. How can you tell what's causing your car to make a noise when accelerating? Learn about the causes and what you can do to fix them. The normal sounds your car will make do not include a chirping sound. I replaced the passenger side hub when it was making a slight whine while driving at low speeds. You start your car and hear a rattling noise you’ve never heard before. Either you do not have enoughLearn about the what causes a grinding noise when turning your car and how to rectify the issues in time to prevent further destruction. That 1989 Corolla of yours makes all sorts of noises Toyota hoped it never would, most of which are as harmless as they are annoying, yet some of which can be as detrimental as they are deafening. Ok so i own a 5 speed manual Maxima 2000 SE. But starts again as soon as I press the gas again. Roll down your windows on the object side (building, guardrail) of the car, the noise will bounce off the object and the vehicle noise will be much more pronounced. How can you tell what's causing your car to make a noise when accelerating? Learn about the causes and what you can do to fix them. I purchased a 2014 CRV with 31K miles on it and i noticed it makes a chirping noise like one second before full stop and one second after i move on low speed , i took the car to two mechanics and had the back rotors/pads changed but the noise is still there with no change This noise (flat tire thump) happens alot mainly when I'm slightly accelerating above 10mph. It's been run a few times over the years, as in maybe once or twice a year it was started just to move it around in the garage. If the noise you hear is a fast tap or clatter near the top of the engine, it could be valve noise which would require you to have some cyl - 1999-2005 Pontiac Grand Am Clunking noise in car when accelerating 1 Answer When I take off in the car from a complete stop at around 30 mph, the car makes a pretty loud clunk noise and jumps (not transmission related, but sounds like I am hitting a pot hole in the road) a Since then I noticed an odd noise on and off and now more frequently as soon as I go over 40 mph acceleratingthought it was the A/C which sometimes when very hot outside makes a whining noise (not same noise as new one described herein)so I turned a/c offthe deep roaring sound continued. engine sounds normal until RPMs get to just under 3000, then a loud noise best described as something between a chatter and a roar sets up, sounds like under the vehicle in the engine area. It seems to only do it when it is hot. Transmission Making a Whining Noise. It was rusted and broke off which was making a metal grinding sound when accelerating. My car makes weird noise and doesn't accelerate I don't know what it is. Have you ever heard your car makes noise when accelerating on the road?The rattling noise appears when u start speeding up from 0 to maybe 30 or 40 mph and then disappear after car speed surpasses 40 mph. From inside the car it seems very loud but I can't hear it from outside the car. It sounded like an old-old 6. This noise is not metallic sharp,or crunching noise,and only happening when the car is parking or in low rolling speed. hi, i have stereo computer speakers that i bought 3 years ago. my car is a 2003 volkswagen golf tdi 1. I've searched the interweb extensively about this annoying noise that my 1999 Tacoma 2. If your car makes noise when accelerating or turning, don't ignore it. Rattling Sound When Accelerating At Low Speed. 2007 Odyessey with 67k miles and regularly maintained. 2000 OBW, 128K auto 4cyl Car runs great. I'm not sure what it is or if it's supposed to be there or not. I have a 1999 hond civic si and it makes a rattling noise while accelerating. If you "punch" the accelerator the engine is going to make some noise. 2 dCi has developed a whistling noise when accelerating in the Turbo range (1800-3000 RPM or so). In the next section, I provide a list of possible causes of whining noise during acceleration, that I discovered from various automobile forums and experienced auto Any noise your car makes can be an indication that your vehicle is not currently safe to drive. This noise is trying to tell you there is a problem which if neglected could lead to a breakdown. The sound can have only one source and that is the slip of the Rattling Noise While Accelerating 9 Answers I hear a slight metallic rattling noise coming from the front of my car when I accelerate. car makes noise when not acceleratingIf the noise only exists when accelerating and is nowhere if your mechanic suggests costly repairs do not be May 27, 2009 If your car makes noise when accelerating or turning, don't ignore it. We’ll go through three popular problems that are the root of squealing noises within a car, and although they might not apply to your vehicle right now they might in the future. To figure out why a car makes whining noise while accelerating, make a list of all possible causes and eliminate through investigation, till you can narrow down to a single one. But with the time, this noise becomes louder and occurs even when the engine is hot (much lower). my car was making noise and we’re not predicted by our local skilled mechanics . A car with a leaking vacuum line will often have a rough or uneven idling. So the sound is coming from the front of the car and it the flopping/knocking noise gets faster when i pick up more speed and it only makes this noise when i stop accelerating. My car is only 20k miles, 2 years, and Nissan is rebuilding the engine. A faulty audio cable can pick up engine noise or a whining noise from speakers when accelerating. help me. Nov 30, 2016 Q: Knocking sound when the car is moving, but not accelerating or braking. The dealer stated this was normal. I'm getting a loud humming/vibrating/knocking noise - like someone knocking on a door, only less loud - when accelerating and when I stop accelerating, the noise stops, but the actual vibration with a slight knocking noise doesn't seem to end until the car comes to a complete stop. It only pops once and only right when I move from a stop. Scraping And Grinding Noise When Not Accelerating - posted in Problems, Questions and Technical: 1995 - 1275 when I am coasting (or not accelerating) there is a funny noise coming from the front of my car - sounds like its from the wheels or the suspension Becoming agitated when you first notice you car makes noise when accelerating will not diagnose or solve the problem any sooner than if you remain calm and collected. The car is sound and drives well. It's not a clicking, or a knocking, it's hard to describe. So I hear a whining noise when driving. I just my wheels balanced, but my car will shake randomly when riding. It was a consistent noise. Over the past few days I have noticed a strange noise, predominantly when accelerating. Learn to listen to your car and address the sound early by having a mechanic check it out. Car makes a rattling noise when accelerating. Dirty or low oil can cause the engine's valve lifter to malfunction, leading to clicking sounds in the engine. it makes that noise like a vacuum leak and for the life of me i cant find the break in any lines. The noise is only heard after driving for a while and I remove my foot from the accelerator in anticipation of a stop/light. When cold makes a knocking noise. clattering sound of your car during accelerating is due to wrong usage of your gears. Doesn't seem to have affected power but had the car for 5 years and I haven't noticed this before. To figure out the source of your problem, we need to dig a little deeper. When i put the motor back in and cranked it up everytime I accelerate it makes a ticking noise like a ziptie is hitting the fan but it ticks only when i am accelerating it will not do it while its idling i was told it may be the timing chain but i need other opinions before i replace it. Rattling sound Radiated noise. (It did this on the old exhaust too. When accelerating there's a ticking/clicking noise (similar to a card on the spokes of a bike; like what children do) Check Engine light: 'Bank 2 system too lean' When maintaining a steady speed it sounds completely fine. Weird squealing noise while accelerating Had the car about 3 weeks. The car currently makes a whooshing noise (like a hoover) everytime I push the revs past about 2k, a bit like if you had all your heater fans turned up to max. Sharp turning;no noise! This car have new steering pump,new control arms – left,right – with ball joints and bushings. 0 Waj_100 Posts: 3,735 A car makes rattling noise when accelerating only when something went wrong under the hood, there could be a various reasons for car to make noise while accelerating, the most common problems can be diagnosed easily without being called to expert. Every car model has its unique set of problems but squealing noise is one of the most common ones. When you’re driving your car and have to make a turn, you should not hear any noises as you’re turning the steering wheel. My car is a 04 Chevy Malibu, it’s making a squealing noise at all times besides it doesn’t if it’s at a dead stop. Over the years I have replaced a few bearings in CC rear ends . Re: whining noise when accelerating Had the same thing with my 2005 Grand Cherokee it ended being the cv joint that connects the front drive shaft to the transfer case. If the vehicle makes noise only while driving on roads that make the body of the vehicle bounce, try bouncing the vehicle while it's parked. This may be related to many different possibilities, some of which may be related to a lack of spark and some of which may be related to a fuel delivery problem or a combination of both. 1L with around 143,000 miles on it. But it was over 200k miles mrburns05 , Sep 26, 2018 Rattling Noise When Accelerating. I have an 01 z71 extra cab and it makes a noise while accelerating. Topics: Car Care. g. A loud humming noise can also be a signal that there issomething wrong with the alternator belt or the fan belt. My car makes a sort of ticking noise when I accelerate through first, second, and third gears. It can almost always be traced to worn out brake pads or loose belts. I just heard the same noise on my car with Got my car back from having a head gasket job. All cars will emit some sort of noise, which is the general nature of a vehicle. Dear Austin, I have a Oldsmobile Alero with only 102K miles. Whenever I give the car gas (either in neutral or when accelerating), I hear a sound coming from the front, passenger side of the car that almost sounds like liquid flowing from one place to another. the fact that it goes away when wet is intriguing. Engine Noise When Accelerating. My first guess What is wrong with a car when it is not accelerating uphill? If it's making a hissing sound, it should be pretty easy to figure out what is causing the sound. Thanks sir. The car gets poor gas mileage and the AC doesn't work for the first 5 or so miles of a trip, then it improves. It doesn't make the noise at any other time or condition, not when I'm going much faster or on the highway, not when I'm accelerating (fast or slow), not when I'm de-accelerating, not when I'm braking. I currently More … 2018 Honda CR-V Engine: I have taken my vehicle to the local dealer multiple times over concern with gasoline mixing with the engine oil. Loud enough to sound like having glass packed mufflers on the inside of the car. It started out not so bad then got a little worse until I pulled over and If you have a continual clicking noise that slowly builds frequency (goes faster) as you accelerate and then drops when the car shifts gears, you can be confident that it's not related to the wheels, whose rotational speed is directly proportional to the speed of the car. The car does not make the ticking noise when at a stop, or at least I can't hear it. Problem started driving after heavy snow and salt on the road. Now I can hear a much louder whining/whistling sound when accelerating, particularly in second gear. The most common fix is to tighten or replace your engines various belts. The noise is most audible when the engine is under load, accelerating or when it is just started. Not saying that sensors never fail, but in this case the correlation between reported road speed & engine speed discrepancy makes it likely to be the clutch being the underlying cause. Four Common Car Noises. It makes the noise in synchrony with the engine revving (i. Q: Q: Car cranks but will not start. I believe this noise to be coming from under the bonnet. i have a 03 2500hd 6. I especially can not stand the sport motorcycles. So we won't experience 16. my car has recently overheated because of a crack in my radiator. i'm really quite fed up with PML, not that i dont like their service, but i know the car and i know something is wrong but they keep saying "nothing is wrong" or "computer diagnostic is ok". Rather, its a constant whine while I'm driving, and it gets louder with the engine. I don't think I've ever heard a car do this before but maybe. Does the car do this when driving steady speed, or when accelerating? Is the check engine light on?. Robert DIY 2,442,218 views A car clicking noise from the front of the vehicle, while turning and accelerating, is caused by CV joint failure. I just went outside and attempted to start my vehicle (2000 Mercury Grand Marquis LS) and when I turned the key all the lights came on in the dash and it made an extremely loud "screeching" noise. I don't really hear it while its idle. Ok so, I just bought this car about a month ago and the problem happenedHow can you tell what's causing your car to make a noise when accelerating? Learn about the causes and what you can do to fix them. High pitched whine. e. Ok so my girl has a 2000 2. enough to make one come up with all kinds of bad causes for sounds haha, half the noises you hear are just the ones you think up because you are paranoid about something else rattling/breaking. 12. My car starts rattling when accelerating uphill, but taking off from idle blows a grey smoke. You know when they are going because they start sounding loud and whining . My wife has mainly been driving it. On a manual/stick-shift car: If you're seeing the engine revs going high but the vehicle is not accelerating, it sounds as if the clutch is worn and needs replacing. A car noise may be an early signal of an auto system or component failure. Its a new sound. I'd only hear this rattle pinging noise when I'd push on the gas, and it would be really loud when going up hill. The system developed makes a noise easy to hear for those outside to be aware of the vehicle approaching, but the warning sounds do not distract the car occupants inside. A humming, grinding or hissing car If the noise only exists when accelerating and is nowhere to be found when in idle, you can be certain that sort of friction issue is going on. My car has been making a weird almost-rattling noise when I'm going 45-50 mph. As you said, most likely it is the drive shaft of the left wheel. Hard to describe. Well done sir. it makes that noise even if i rev it to 3000 rpm. If this is the problem, the sound will only occur Sue, I'm not sure about your engine size, but the 3. The engine sounds like it is working really hard and you can hear it. The break pedal also seems to get tight when i step on it. Hi everyone, I have an issue I think may be related to either power steering or timing belt pulleys. Unlike the more standard lining, this material does not wear as easily and this makes a squealing noise. I have switched to neutral and There are various reasons why vehicles shake while accelerating and some of them include a clogged transmission filter, a worn-out universal joint and low transmission fluid. While i drive and i put the clutch in the change gears, the noise goes until the clutch is released. any info would help. 16 Car Noises You Should Not Ignore - Bankrate. once the car is warm up hi, I have this problem recently, once the car is warm up and when I step on to accelerate the car makes this knocking noise from the rear. Grinding noise from the engine: This sound might not necessarily be your engine. Average failure mileage is 2,850 miles. If the noise you hear is a fast tap or clatter near the top of the engine, it could be valve noise which would require you to have some cyl - 1999-2005 Pontiac Grand Am My car makes a rattling noise when accelerating between 1000 & 2000 rpms or going up a hill it goes away after. I am not sure what could be the problem. No engine light on and completely derivable. It sounds most like a pinging noise from the front of the car and occurs primarily only when the vehicle is under load (e. makes no representations, warranties, or assurances as to the 2007 Odyessey with 67k miles and regularly maintained. Peugeot 206 - Car whining on accelerating . 4 Eco here (78,000 miles). 2006 Saturn Ion. I drove carefully to the repair shop because I was worried about damaging the car more, but I could have accelerated faster if I had wanted to. Metal Rattling Noise When Accelerating Uphill Only Hi, I have read about similar problems, but my issue with a metal sounding rattling/clicking noise only occurs when i am accelerating uphill at around 40-50 mph. Upon accelerating the car makes a awful clunking noise that is not only heard but felt on the floor under your feet this happens often. I pressed the gas pedal while switching lanes and the engine revved up, but the car did not move. I bought the car in march of this year, brand new. Jul 6, 2017 As you accelerate, the noise gets louder—maybe even sounding like an airplane taking off—but If the noise is still there, it's definitely not coming from the engine. It appears to be coming from the front wheel area driver side. What's That Noise? 10 Ways to Identify Car Issues By the Sounds It Makes. Whining noise the noise it starts after I drive the car for like 2-3 minutes. I have a 2005 PA with a 3800 engine (not an ultra)- I get a strange buzzing/whirring noise when I accelerate, and it remains steady while in transit- seems to be coming from the other side of the firewall, in the center of the engine compartment. comSo your car is making noise when you turn the steering wheel. It only happens when in 1st The car sometimes makes a fairly high pitched noise while I am driving it. So, accelerate, clunk, clunk, drive. If you're questioning what is normal GMC Envoy Cooling Fan Clutch May Fail Causing Noise and Check Engine Light - 126 reports. How To Troubleshoot a Car That Makes a Whining Noise When In Gear Whining is a common car noise that cars make when being shifted from gear to gear. Engine noise was heard only while accelerating and on D gear, not on Neutral. I have a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse with 105,000 miles on it. Aug 1, 2016 Cars can make a cacophony of sounds. Aside from getting a mechanic checkup, adding highmileage motor oil can also be helpful. it only makes noise when Im in drive at The noise has gotten louder, happened more often, adding the occasional whining - and it lasted longer into my accelerating. The bearing on the opposite end on the shaft behind the secondary clutch is the culprit. My car makes a knocking nice when I go round a corner ( mainly left ) and accelerate at same time, if I go round corner without accelerating it is fine. When Im accelerating, the car begins to hesitate like its not getting gas, or a plug is loose, etc. It is an 06 Charger R/T with about 45,000 miles. The noise for me is more pronounced when accelerating on a left turn or from a stop and accerating hard going straight. Strange car sound: A whine while you're making a turn. 0 lt gas-guzzler. Engine hesitation, almost by definition, usually goes back to a misfire in one or more of the cylinders. If your car starts making weird engine noises and they are sounds which you are not accustomed to, it can be confusing. When a car makes a whining sound when accelerating, it might be afan belt that is not performing properly. A car that makes such a weird noise at the time of acceleration, will be fine at a set speed. Find the highest rated products in our Car Amplifier Noise Filters store, and read the most helpful customer reviews to help you find the product that is right for you. The harder you push on the accelerator the worse the vibrations( although when u let off the accelerator the vibrations go away ) , feels almost as if a tire is split but had them checked out, balance is ok to . . when you take your foot off the accelerator it stops then back on it starts again) however the noise carries on slightly after the revs have died down to idle. A new video shows it towing a trailer and accelerating down an empty road The Tesla Semi makes a much quieter sound than big rig trucks typically do By Cheyenne Macdonald and Annie Palmer For Why does your car make a loud clicking noise while in motion but not accelerating? Clicking sounds coming from the vehicle may indicate there areloose valves. We pulled over and it went away but the moment we started going again it came back, going faster and faster as we accelerated. This started about 10 months ago and started when reaching around 2500 rmps but now happens around 1500 rmps. took to a shop to have fixed and put … My 2010 civic started making noise about a couple of months ago. here's the problem:i have a 3 yr old 320i, and when i start the If your car produces a hissing noise when it’s on — especially when it’s idling — you may be facing a vacuum leak, meaning a vacuum line may be damaged, according to Popular Mechanics. Loud squealing noise when accelerating HELP it accelerate I hear a squealing noise. One thing I could share is, even my 15 year old M800 also makes this noise, especially on the uphill climbes. I'm swapping heads this summer so I've neglected adjusting mine for the last 10k miles or so. 5l outback 239,000 + miles , about a week ago the car started to vibrate while accelerating . The common type of vibration is mainly felt through the steering wheel of the car as it accelerates, and it is a very It also makes the noise if the car is off and i move the steering wheel there is a clunk type noise. I have a 06 Honda Civic every time when I accelerate the car makes. I never used to hear that inside the car. com These common car noises can spell trouble and cost a lot of money, especially if ignored. the first gear in the transmission can make a noise like that,especially under light load. If I floor it or give it alot of gas the sound disappears. Driving your vehicle through a car wash will have the same beneficial effect. The noise has happened recently when driving back to college, it occurs when I'm accelerating and starts to go away when I'm braking. Don't spend money unnecessarily on an alignment or other An Actual Driving Lesson Learning to drive a manual car Where are the controls that I might have to use in my driving: Knowing where the controls are, and Car Lemon State Lemon Law statutes, information, brochures, and fact sheetsHow can you tell what's causing your car to make a noise when accelerating? Learn about the causes and what you can do to fix them. Over the past few weeks I have noticed when I turn on or off the AC I get a clicking noise that last for about a minute. 8 is known for the intake manifold going bad. Car Sounds Questions including "How do you fix a 1997 Crown Victoria when the steering makes a soft whining noise which varies with how hard you step on the gas pedal" and "What would cause a 1995 2005 Dodge Neon 150,000 miles My car makes a loud noise while accelerating. Its kinda like the whine a bad power steering pump makes, but it isn't that (I don't have to turn the wheel to make the noise). All cars will emit some sort of noise, which An analysis of the history of technology shows that technological change is exponential, contrary to the common-sense intuitive linear view. I have a 1999 saturn sc2 it burns oil kind of fast and i accidently let it get really low before i had an oil change The whining noise goes with the RPM of the engine, except at idle I can't hear it (not saying it isn't still doing it though). OK, and thank you for your time and help. Of course when I left it at the dealer the next day, they couldn't reproduce the "clunk". Stopping when braking makes it sound like it's not that but you never know. Not sure If I should also disconnect the remote lead and ground from the amp as well. It only happens when the car is in gear and I think it feels like the turbo isnt kicking in. Seems to occur under load while accelerating. If the fan belt isreasonably new, add a few drops of dish soap to th … e inside to quietit. A few days ago I noticed that my Laguna 2. The following day, I started noticing a subtle "clunk" noise from the left side of the front of the car when turning left at slow speeds. Strange beeping noise while accelerating - posted in Service & Maintenance: This thing came up while sitting next to my mother while driving home. I just got this old car from my sister and the noise is makes is whiney/whirry and gets more high pitched the more I accelerate. When accelerating hard, like in first or second entering a highway. If your car starts making weird engine noises and they are sounds which you are not accustomed to, it can be confusing. Hi I have a Toyota Corolla VVTi 2002 and had the gear box changed and clutch a while back by a mechanic. And if i brake while the car is making that noise, the breaks make an even worse screeching sound (but my breaks don’t squeal when my car is not). 6k answer views As cars age they require a few more maintenance items. The car also decelerates on it's on and then starts back accelerating. A whining noise may occur as a result of low power steering fluid, a transmission problem or bad wheel bearings. Re: Clicking/Cracking Noise when Accelerating Only Apr 08 2012, 8:52pm I'm not sure how they are bolted or welded on a Silverado but years ago I had a Monte Carlo that sounded the same and it turned out to be some loose bolts holding the flywheel. According to the maintenance papers that came with the car, the tie rod ends were recently replaced. If the noise isn’t coming in through the antenna, try pulling the receiver from the dash while a CD is playing. real noticeable when im getting on the freeway and the noise bounces of the walls. The noise seems to come from the centre of the car, not the engine. One of the most common noises originating from an engine is the at-times unbearable screech made by the car when accelerating. Each time i speed up, its the noise you hear. I'm very atuned to the noises my car makes. For the past year or so, it has occasionally made these odd grinding sounds from the rear when I start the car and put it in reverse, and continues to make the grinding noise until I’ve stopped moving backward and put the car in “drive”. the engine makes a 'whoooooshing' sound when accelerating slightly hard, normal acceleration is fine - it sounds like a burst of wind noise which is what i thought it was, but its definately not that as iv tested it many times now. doesnt stop till the car is cooled off. The only good part is that once you get up to highway speed the car gets really quit. Sometimes, there would be a whining noise when accelerating, which is caused by some potential reasons. If i take of very softly it wont make the sound. Even if that's not the problem it's where I would start. The humming starts off with a lower tone (almost like a small plane flying overhead) and gets louder at certain speeds (35-40mph; 55-65 mph). The fact that it happened after you got it serviced is obvious that there something that was not done right. What makes a car not start, no noise or some clicking noise. If it is the same noise that i am thinking about i would haft to say it is your Alternator . Only thing is on odd occasion, well frequently, when from 1st and 2nd gears it makes a squeeky noise like a belt noise when accelerating? Hello people My 97 Integra GSR occasionally makes a high pitched buzzing/squeaking sound when accelerating from a stop sign. In the next section, I provide a list of possible causes of whining noise during acceleration, that I discovered from various automobile forums and experienced auto Chrome Data makes no guarantee or warranty, either expressed or implied, including without limitation any warranty of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose, with respect to the data presented here. Even if you These common car noises can spell trouble and cost a lot of money, especially if ignored. I have a 2005 Dodge Stratus. When one or more cylinders stops firing, the power cuts, and the vehicle hesitates under acceleration. Also while drive heat radiates from areas in my car such as the parking brake and the clutch So I tore it down and noise definitely coming from the Bone Dry Differential. I can't hear any abnormal noise when the car is in Park and I open the hood. It was hard to notice at first, I even suspected it was normal, and that I just have not paid attention to it before. What causes a knocking sound in the front of a car when turning to I assume that you have a frontwheeldrive vehicle and that the noise comes If so, your symptoms are indicating a possible CV Joint problem (Constant Velocity Joint). Re: flapping noise when accelerating (zenkistic) Post by SoCal-S13 » Sun Mar 21, 2010 4:38 pm mine makes that noise too. Bad battery or bad alternator, how to tell the difference (brief version) - Auto Information Series - Duration: 8:42. Many of the noises we talked about don’t pose a direct safety concern, but the end result could be the vehicle abruptly stalling. Learn about this problem, why it occurs, and how to fix it. 2017 · The 2016 Nissan Rogue has 17 problems reported for noise from font end when making turns. My 91 XLT has a high-pitched noise when accelerating. Out of nowhere the car started beeping rapidly. Anytime when the gears are shifting. it makes a clicking sound when taking off, its definitely coming from the engine or trans. Noises can indicate a great many things with your vehicle. You worry about your vehicle breaking down and leaving you stranded, the expensive repairs your car may need, and how you're going to get around without a vehicle as yours sits in the shop being repaired. Here is my plan of attack. If a car has a loud humming noise when accelerating, it could bethat the air filter is missing. could it be the rearaxle is worn. They didn’t hear the noise. i also could feel the vibration going from the front end. It always seems to happen in 3rd or 4th gear around 2000-3000 RPM. A variety of noises can be produced My car just started making a humming noise when i accelerate. The noise is only when accelerating and stops about 50 mph. We own our own mechainc shop so i put it on the lift rack and i put my car in 1st gear and gave it gas, the noise got louder as the RPM's got higher and the noise got even louder when i turned the wheel. could it be the timing belt or the tensioner or something else. If "V" stalls Got car troubles? The auto repair forum is collaborative member forum for you to find solutions to your car problems. I don't even know how to explain the noise it made, I haven't heard anything like it. it does not make any noise if i am driving at normal constant speed of 50 to 60 kmh in 4th gear. So for now, as long as I don't floor it, the noise is gone. So we won't experience An analysis of the history of technology shows that technological change is exponential, contrary to the common-sense intuitive linear view. Also, if I listen to the exhaust while its idling it makes a gurgling sound. The car’s engine speed will fluctuate up and down as the engine computer struggles to find the right mix of fuel and oxygen. The noise is a whining type sound and stops when I let off the gas pedal or hit a bump. It could be an escaped pet snake, they make an hissing noise, I would call a vet out. It only does it during acceleration, not decceleration. 05. When a car engine makes a clicking noise, it may not have sufficient clean oil to lubricate itself properly, according to 2 Car Pros. Thanks for your reply! The tachometer does NOT register higher RPMs than previously when accelerating. Once you get up to speed, the car sounds great. The noise is not constant, and only seems to happen during periods of increased vibration in the car when it is traveling slowly. With time, you get used to all the weird noises a car makes and diagnosis becomes easier. I have taken good care of the car since I bought it new. com. Only when the wheels are moving does the noise actually take place, and only when coasting, not accelerating. If your rear-wheel-drive car or truck is making a howling sound that seems to be coming from out back, this can be a symptom of a problem with the differential. Discover Why Your Engine or Drivetrain is Making a Chirping Noise. My car makes this weird grinding noise when i stop once in awhile. Your interpretation on engine sounds, really help me out of the prob. The sound seems to be coming from just behind the middle of the dash. It only happens after braking at a stop then taking off. car makes noise when not accelerating Anyway, the car only makes this noise when in Drive or Reverse. I managed to capture this noise with my cell phone, shown in the video below (you might need to turn the volume up a bit). Ok so, I just bought this car about a month ago and the problem happenedStrange or unfamiliar sound coming from your car? Chances are you need one of these repairs. If the noise goes away, it's being radiated into your system due to the receiver's proximity to a noise producer (like a heater motor or car computer). 7L 4x4 makes when accelerating. It is actually challenging to find the root cause of whining noise when accelerating but these common causes will give you the heads-up. com is an online automotive complaint resource that uses graphs to show automotive defect patterns, based on complaint data submitted by Sup? When I accelerate, I tend to hear a "knocking/pinging" noise coming from my engine. if not,it is in something that still is turning like a bearing. This problem may also cause your “Check Engine” light to go on. A humming, grinding or hissing car noise can end up costing you. If your car makes noise when accelerating I need your help: I have a loud whoop-whoop noise coming from the left front of my 2004 Infiniti G35 Coupe, the car has 93K and a Sports Pkg. The exhaust when idling also sounds like the car wants to die. Absolute no noise ( or a can not hear ) after 8-10 mph. It's not every time which is strange. Upon accelerating the car makes a awful clunking noise that is not only heard but felt on the floor under your feet Whining Noise During Acceleration I notice that it only happens while the car is moving and when the gas peddle is pressed. The most common transmission problem that causes a whining noise is low transmission fluid. If your car makes noise when accelerating Hello, I am trying to diagnose a sound that is coming from my 2001 Camry 2. Hints and Things does not use any 1st Party cookies - more information. Low oil pressure always accompanies excess main bearing clearance because naturally as clearance increases oil pressure decreases. 9l i have . Even my wife noticed it and she doesn't notice car noise. Rattling noise while accelerating If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. News articles about car problems and complaints on CarComplaints. Re: Clicking Noise from front passenger side when acceleratingPlease HELP I am going to take a guess at the CV joint or wheel hub. -Mike Tim Hairston, Self educated Car Maintenance and Repair & Customer Service, Car Maintenance and Repair Answered May 12, 2018 · Author has 55 answers and 9. Anyone have any ideas? It also happens when backing out of the driveway turning the wheel then accelerating forward. I have only driven it a few times. Hello everyone, My car is making some very awkward noises while Accelerating. By Dave With wear, the parts make contact in a way for which they're not designed. 2002 Ford Taurus when i accelerate my car makes a rattling noise, im thinking its the serpentine belt because when i had gotten that fixed the noise had If you are driving your car and notice that you are losing power as you accelerate, there can only be one of two reasons for this. They test drove the car without me. The noise seems to be coming from the front of the car and it is louder from the outside of the car than from the inside (I know this because the noise is much louder when the windows are down than when they are up). A humming, grinding or hissing car If your car starts making weird engine noises and they are sounds which you are not accustomed to, it can be confusing. The whine goes after i let the car idle when cold but as soon as i touch to gas, it whines louder with the revs. It makes noise when i accelerate, but even more noise when i take my foot off of the gas after the acceleration, but is usually quiet when the car is at a stop. It only makes the noise when I'm accelerating and when it shifts from 1st to Q: When accelerating my car makes a rattling noise. May 12, 2015 Learn what mechanics find to be the most common engine noises and They may not know enough about complex engine systems to know if it's then the worn lifters that continue to make noise would require replacement. I would take it to a mechanic though. Whilst the noise tends to happen when I accelerate (presumably because of the increased vibration), it also happens when I am not accelerating and just coasting at a low speed. You usually hear this noise when accelerating the vehicle. drive the car and put it in neutral when it is moving. It may also be heard when breathing in (inhaling). When driving the car it has a whinning humming noise only when hitting gas not when in idling and not when foot is off the gas , also the noise is only heard inside of the car and when foot is on gas . If you do hear noises, then there could be a problem with one of the many different components of your vehicle. i have notice my car is making a ticking noise whenever i step on it full throttle from the 1 … My Honda Van 2010 was making loud sports car like sound while accelerating . it is not over heating or anything and it is … Car makes whining noise when accelerating Get an instant quote for your car Our certified mechanics come to you ・Backed by 12-month, 12,000-mile guarantee・Fair and transparent pricing Your car engine is making unnatural noises and you don’t have the slightest idea what it could be. Early maintenance saves money. I am going to first disconnect the amp fuse to prevent the amp from turning on. Bankrate. have a 1 1/2 hr commute and nothing to listen to right now but all the noises my car makes. No vibration in th floorboard, and normal slight vibration in the shifter, same as when the truck was new. Rattling Noise While Accelerating 9 Answers I hear a slight metallic rattling noise coming from the front of my car when I accelerate. I've even had my driveshaft done thinking it could have been the cv joint. It is a whining noise, but not quite the "whistle" that some other posters have reported hearing at around 30-40mph - which apparently is diagnosed to differential issue. Ok so, I just bought this car about a month ago and the problem happened. It makes a noise when I accelerate after being at a stop, and then it goes away. I have tried to duplicate the sound when sitting still in Park or neutral, but have failed. Car was making a loud noise when starting and when accelerating (especially uphill) to get up some speed the car makes a scraping noise (like metal sound) . The noise started with acceleration and sounded like an engine revving up and sounded like it was decelerating as it slowed down. Either you do not have enough fuel in your vehicle or you do not have enough power. Page 1 of 6 - Loud fan noise from engine compartment - posted in General Car Discussion: hello all, really need all bro's help with this. Just noticed that there is a metallic rattling or grinding noise coming from the front end while accelerating between 15-25 MPH. Engine has a clicking noise since having the spark plugs replaced. b) Hard Linings: This lining is invariably found in brake pads that are used on heavy and large vehicles such as trucks. It was making really loud noise while accelerating. ECTunes is developing a system that utilizes directional sound equipment to emit noise when and where it is needed. ok any help at what to look at would be very helpful. Like as i'm speeding up, baaaa baaba ba ba baaaaaa ba ba baaaa (3 seconds into the recording, as well as 10 seconds in). According to the company, its technology Any vehicle making a obvious loud noise should be fined & I hope they are for the maximum for noise disturbance. Test your car in different gears and check the fluids. Maybe I wasn't quite clear. You can change the different gear and find right gear for that acceleration. 2017 · A knocking or ticking noise from your engine is a sign that something is wrong, usually because of a lack of oil. The boot was torn and it caused it to wear out because of dirt and lack of grease. The sound disappears after reaching 35/40 mph. If I brake, the noise "whines down" & become unnoticeable when the car is less than 40km/h or idle. knocking noise from rear when accelerating. over to the snow tires, then make sure that the wheel is mounted correctly. I'm 85% sure (based on internet research) that it may have to do with my brake pads. my car just started making noise when ever i accelerate. Something like an inconsistent rattle/cough. Now when I first start accelerating from a stop, it makes a vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr revving sound at about 5mph and then by 10 mph its gone and no further sounds but it does it every time I stop again and press the gas I hear it again. zzz. Can you describe the noise?ECTunes. These common car noises can spell trouble and cost a lot of money, especially if ignored. Also while drive heat radiates from areas in my car such as the parking brake and the clutch I have a 1999 hond civic si and it makes a rattling noise while accelerating. Reminds me of the sound of a dentist drill type nose at constant high My best guess (and it really is mostly a guess) is something is off with your engine's timing when it's not moving the car, and that is making something vibrate just enough to make noise. The car makes a grinding noise when driving and the service traction contil, service stabilitrak, and service brake assist, when pressing brake you can feel it pulsating and the car slides. It makes sense you are getting a traction warning, noise in left front, and they determined the left front sensor harness was bad. I will rev up my engine and it will be fine, as the RPM goes down it starts to make like a hollow rubble noise. The noise can best be described as being similar to that when a piece of paper comes into contact with a desk fan and that of a helicopter blade rotating. The unfortunate truth is that engine noises can mean anything from a simple quick-fix, to a complete engine overhaul that may not be worth the money if your car has some gnarls in its beard. They can mean everything from an engine that’s about to scatter all over the road to the need to secure the stuff in the trunk. When I'm accelerating from 0, the whining noise starts to kick in at about 40km/h & getting louder as the car goes faster. driving up a hill). If i was driving at 65MPH, its so loud that it's hard to hear other passengers talk in the car. Hey guys, I have a 2000 Grand Prix Se 3. Car makes noise when accelerating: Sign In Help. The car run fine under 40MPH speed but gets louder the higher the speeds. The car runs fine, and does not slip or anything. It comes and goes, so it's been hard to diagnose, but the other day it was making the noise while idling (typically it makes the noise accelerating around 2500-300 rpms). Check the engine oil, cuz clicking noise is sometimes caused by not enough engine oil or no oil at all!! When we pull up to a stop sign or stop at a red light then accelerate when it is time to drive, the vehicle makes a sort of clunking noise. or everytime the rpm reach 2500 to 3000 at most. 4 engines are commonly known for intake gasket leaks and the 3. that leads me to think that it is something to do with ground contact. The car didnt make this noise before I bought it, ugh. I have a 2011 model 328i which almost from beginning has had an annoying noise while accelerating at low speed. I asked the service manager about the propeller shaft bearing and he was 100% certain that it had nothing to do with it. 03. Had the car for about to weeks and this is the one thing I didnt think to check